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There are hundreds if not thousands of resources online out there for composers to access – some are really useful, some are really not! We’ve done the hard work for you and tried and tested them to bring you the top online resources.

Whether you need storage, editing software or just some advice, you’re sure to find something here that is useful to you.

MusicLibraryReport is absolutely fantastic if you want to find out all the ‘goss’ about production music libraries. If you’re thinking of submitting your music to a new music library, simply go to and have a look at their library ratings to see what other composers think of them.

The best element of MusicLibraryReport is that it was founded by composers, for composers so any content written there has come from a composer who knows exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes and can rate production music libraries from a composers perspective.

They also offer a forum talking about relevant topics related to composing such as mastering, copyright and PROS so if you have any queries, you can simply post in the forum and other composers will help you out.

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Gobbler is really similar to Google Drive and Dropbox but it’s specifically targeted at composers and musicians. So instead of just being a back up and transfer tool like Dropbox, it can integrate with your DAW, manage your audio project files and organize your music. It takes the functionality of Dropbox that one step further and personalises it to composers.

It’s also a marketplace for top pro-audio plugins as well as free cloud based backup. So if you’re currently using Google Drive or Dropbox as storage and for transferring files, check out Gobbler and see how much easier it makes your life!

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FileZilla is really useful if you’re going to be uploading files to servers. For example, if you want to upload music to a new music library, FileZilla will save you bags of time. What’s more it’s complete FREE! It’s by far, one of the most popular softwares for FTP transfers and is used by webmasters all over the world. Definitely worth checking out if you’re going to be uploading files to servers in the future.

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TuneSat is a must have resource if you license your music for TV broadcast use. You simply upload your tracks to their system and they’ll take audio fingerprints of your music and input it into their database. This is then cross checked with usages on hundreds of channels so you can see where your music is being used. Really useful if you know your music is licensing for TV and you want to make sure you’re receiving your royalties.

If you’re not sure if it would be useful for you, get started on their free plan. It allows you to upload up to 50 tracks and will notify you of up to 50 detections. So upload the tracks that you know or think will be used for TV and see what results you get.

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As composers, we’re naturally creative people so inspiration and ideas literally strike at the most random of times. Evernote is so useful for everyday life, it lets you write down and share your thoughts at any time.

Now I know you’re sat here reading this thinking note taking software? really? But it is the best note taking software out there. It’s multi-platform meaning you can take notes on your iPhone when you’re out and about and sync it with your PC or android device when you get home.

Even better, you can share your notes with others. Thinking of a collab with another composer and a cool idea comes to mind? Write it on Evernote and share it with them in an instant regardless of when you’re next seeing them.

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So there you have it, those are our top resources for composers new and old. We’ve also put a few more links below to other softwares and websites that might come in useful too! If you have any more suggestions or ideas, do get in touch and we’ll be sure to add them on.

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