Composer Interview – Kara Square

Kara Square is the founder of Thinkroot Records and a singer/songwriter specialising in ukulele slinging. She attended the Recording Workshop School of Audio and Music Production in 2004 to learn the art of recording engineering and since then has released five full albums and been remixed

Common questions when submitting music to a library

We caught up with our sister company Cinephonix to discuss all the common questions composers have when submitting their music to a new production music library. Whether you’ve been composing for years or you’re just starting out as a hobby, you’ll have asked or plan to ask these questions. Do

Music Licensing Glossary

If you want to make it as a professional composer, it’s vital that you know about all the different licensing terms, jargon and organisations associated with the production music industry. We’ve gathered a selection of the most popular definitions to help you be a composing guru. Performance Royalties – These are

Marketing Your Music Online – Must Have Tools.

Marketing your music is key to a successful career as a composer, you can be the best composer in the world but if no one’s heard of you, they won’t know how to license your music and you can’t be successful in your career. There are thousands of marketing tips

Top Online Composer Resources

There are hundreds if not thousands of resources online out there for composers to access – some are really useful, some are really not! We’ve done the hard work for you and tried and tested them to bring you the top online resources. Whether you need storage, editing software or